Do As Thou Will

Do as thou Will Shall be the Whole of the Law

A neophyte is a person that is entering a new system – new skill or belief system.

When considering the avenue of energetic manipulation, of exercising Will, in exploring the self – one must be open to what will be presented to them. This is a road which leads to outstanding, extreme, seemingly absurd, fantastical and simply interesting concepts. To reject related information without fully developing a rounded understanding of the subject is to rob the self of the opportunity to completing mastery.

This blog is for those that wish to learn. The writers of this blog are learners, readers, experiencers.

The theme runs along the magickal arts, the pagan arts, the mystical, the ancient, the occult.

This is an introduction to the blog, not necessarily to this writers, though that will come later. This blog is about sharing all that is magickal in the world. Some posts will be focused on crystals, some meditation, some ceremonial magick, some chaos, faerie, and so on. There will be posts on divination, tools, herbs, scents, colors, moon phases, astrology, numerology, history, folk lore, books – anything and everything related to the metaphysical world.

How this blog unfolds will remain to be seen. However, we will accept guest posts and hopefully provide a wide variety of information for you, the reader.

Love is the Law, Love Under Will.


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