I have a long history dabbling in the pagan arts, though my skill is up and down.

I was as young as 11 when declared myself Pagan. At the time, Wicca was my chosen path. I remained on that path for nine or ten years, when I felt that it was somehow keeping me bound as far as my spiritual connection to the Universe went. Wicca was a beautiful journey that enhanced my relationship with the earth, but I felt that it stopped there (this is just my experience, this may not be the case for everyone). I dropped the label of being Wiccan and just considered myself plain ol’ Pagan after that.

When I was 15 I got – what I thought – was my first deck of tarot cards. It in fact was an oracle deck, the Wolf Song Tarot, actually. It was a very beautiful deck, and I did love it, but we never jived well, and I didn’t really understand the difference between tarot and an oracle deck. I just figured that if it was a deck of cards devoted to divination, it was all the same thing. A couple years later I got my actual first tarot deck, the Spiral Tarot. We developed a great kinship. My eye wanders, my lust for other cards takes me through other decks, but like a faithful partner, my Spiral deck is always the one that knows me best and keeps me in check. While I have been studying tarot ever since, I am not anything but ho-hum as far as my skill in reading goes. I still have to look up definitions some 11 years later, and I am useless reading for other people.

During the time that I acquired my first tarot deck, I began working in a hippie shop that was a boarder-line occult specialty shop as well. We had incense, crystals, tarot decks, books on the occult, clothing, some alter supplies, and bondage gear in the back. Yes, eclectic would be a good word for this place that resided in the mall across the hall from the Country Western store. I met some very magical people there, those who had a great influence on me and to this day continue to guide me. It was a coworker of mine there that turned me onto Astrology. I thought very highly of her, but Astrology was never my thing, I thought it shallow and silly. However, shortly after the store closed (how many occult stores remain open in a mall across from a conservative cowboy shop?), I went on a road trip to Santa Cruiz with my dad and found The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need. The title is debatable, with what I know now, but it sparked my interest and I have kept a keen eye on the celestial beings overhead as a result.

I began getting into crystals when I was 19. I was living in North Wales at the time, and had a correspondence course on the go through some Career Academy. I never expected to get a job through the courses I took there, it was more for something to keep me occupied during the winter months. I took Astrology/Parapsychology. As you might guess, the course was mostly centered around Astrology, but also incorporated I-Ching, palmistry, and numerology. Numerology was what actually got me to liking crystals. The book the course sent (I wish for the life of me that I had it or at least could remember the title!) explained how all matter is created of vibrations, and all vibrations create sounds as well, and how numbers were representations of vibrations. I took this concept and began realizing a bit more how magic worked – it’s all vibrations interacting with vibrations. I experienced this first hands when I picked up a crystal and damn near dropped it due to the vibrations I felt. After that I developed a fascination with crystals and their meditative and healing properties.

I had been dabbling in Kabbala – or rather, been practicing on and off the first couple of rituals outlined in Donald Michail Kraig’s Modern Magick: Eleven Lesons in the High Magickal Arts for a year or so at that point. I began practicing more that following winter, meditating more, and for the first time, seeing results. It was shocking and a little terrifying, but exciting at the same time. I was experiencing what he terms “Little Nasties,” and my own energy through these rituals was allowing me to work 16 hour days, read complex novels, clean, go for daily walks on the beach and practice these rituals and survive happily on minimal sleep. However, after that winter I moved in with my boyfriend at the time, who was staunchly against magick, and out of respect, I refrained from practicing ritual – more on that another time though.

I am at my best when I am practicing a daily Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. While I go through waves where I practice regularly, my respect and love and devotion to the Universe and magickal arts is always near me. I am aware that when something is not right that perhaps a blocked chakra is a contributor to the problem, or that sometimes I have my own mis-energies that need to be quelled with a certain crystal friend, and whenever I have a question, concern, worry – whatever, I always consult the tarot. Every night I give thanks to the Universe, especially if my day has been less than optimal, and I recognize the synchronicities that are presented to me and see signs when they appear.

I am a student. I live and learn – and I have learned a lot. Right now I am in school, which is what my other blog is about if you’re interested in a nearly 30-year-old shit student returning to school and somehow managing a 4.0. I am a Sagittarius, and as such, I love to learn. I love school, but I need something that’s just for me, not to fill credits, and so, I am delving back into my magickal practices and studies. To help keep me on the path, I wanted to create this blog, and so here it is.

My main focus will be High Magic and Kabala, since I have a belief that the key to everything is found withing the Tree of Life. However, I have a love of the earth still, and sometimes I will write about other things. I am going to school to be a writer, and thus my inspiration takes me down some interesting roads – such as the personalities of flowers, which is information also applicable to magickal dealings.

I am a certified herbalist, and have a great love of plants. I generally don’t cross them into my ritual work aside from white sage, clove and lemongrass, though I am hoping to change that as well.

Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again!

Love is the Law, Love Under Will.



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