Rose – Lore, Health and Use in Magick

My Experience

Recently, the rose has been appearing in many ways in my life – gift of the tea have arrived to me, accidental acquiring of said rose incense, and noticing roses around me. I refuse to turn down symbols that appear consistently to me. When working on some of my own personal issues, I came across a glass rose that was gifted to me last year. For the first time I truly looked at it. I studied how the stem was laden with prickles, running my finger over the dulled glass spikes. I observed how a branch of it came off, separated from the stem of the rose and then looped back to the stem with two new leaves attached to it. I followed the stem up to the blossom – the glass depiction of spread layers of red petals that hold within them their secret little chamber. It was in that moment that I realized the message of the rose:

The path is hard, it is full of things that can deter you and even injure you. But if you endure this, the result is beautiful and worth it.  


  • Deities:
  • Planet:
    Moon – pink wild rose
    Venus – white wild rose, Rose Demask absolute,
    Mars – white wild rose
  • Stone:
    Emerald – anoint in Rose oil to enhance effects
  • Number Vibration
  • Chakra
  • Month
  • Element:
  • Tarot Card:
    7 of Cups

The Sick Rose by William Blake

Lore of the Rose

The rose has long been the representation of love and passion, a symbolism that even those oblivious to the occult can recognize. The red of the rose was said to be the blood of Aphrodite as she pricked her heal when with Adonis. In Rome, the rose was associated with Venus, Cupid and Bacchus.
Even as times moved beyond the days of Roman and Greek gods, the Roman Catholic church recognized its representation of secrecy due to it’s many petals. The petals were said to be the veils of knowledge that one had to go through to find truth. During hidden meetings, the Rosecrutians would hang a single rose from the ceiling of their meeting spot to ensure secrecy.

Magickal Uses

  • Abundance –
    Roses that were pink, red or yellow were said to be linked to Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, love, prosperity, and good fortune. 
  • Beauty –
    it is said that rubbing the face with fresh pink or white petals will enhance natural beauty, and enhance your aura so that you are better perceived.
    To maintain a youthful appearance, collect the due from a rose blossom at sunrise on your birthday, and rub on your face. Repeat this every year.
  • Clearing and blessing –
    The rose is said to omit nothing but purest and most positive of energies, and thus it can be used for cleansing spaces as well as blessing spaces. Misting yourself with the essence or water will also uplift your spirits and cleanse your aura.
  • Dreams –
    Red petals under your pillow will show you who your true love is and how to draw them to you. 
    White rose petals will prevent nightmares.
  • Emotional healing –
    White, pink or lavender can be incorporated into magickal workings that heal grief or a broken heart
  • Protection –
    Rose water, incense, essence, or absolute or fresh roses for protection. You can carry them with you, surround your house with bushes, or simply have them in your home. 
  • Purification –
    White roses, as mentioned before, can be used for blessing a sacred space or home. They will bring positive and fresh vibrations. 
  • Romantic Love –
    Incorporate roses in any love magick. 
  • Sabbats –
    Roses can be brought to and incorporated in Sabbat Rites due to their protective nature and ability to bless and cleanse. 
    White for Autumn Equinox
    Yellow for Eostra
    Red for Midsummer
    Any color for Beltane
  • Secrecy –
    As mentioned before, the petals of roses represent veils of knowledge in the path for truth. Rituals can be bound with cloth soaked in rose water; one can seal a circle with rose incense, or each keeper of the secret can carry a rose with them to guard their words. 
  • Self-Love –
    Surround yourself with fresh roses to help forgiveness of the self.
    You may also use rose water and mist yourself with it. 
  • Sobriety –
    Bringing roses to a banquette can protect against outlandish drunkenness
  • Spirituality –
    Due to the nature of the petals, they represent the knowledge gained along the spiritual path. 
    Represent aspects of the Goddess. 

A Greek female poet, Sappho, wrote that the rose was the “Queen of the Flowers”. The rose has been dubbed the patron herb of Lesbians.


**Jane is a student in Bellingham, Washington of Academics and a self-study pupil of magickal arts. She has spent time over a span of 15 years practicing meditation and attuning to the Universe, though her Will leads her along the path of the Written Word. You can read her other blog, Scribing English or her other articles on her Hubpages account, ThompsonPen 


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