Osiris 2012

This is an article I wrote in 2012, about the Egyptian prophecy regarding December 21, 2012. At that time, I was working for a video production and had my plane ticket bought and ready to cover it. I give this introduction purely so that when you read it, you understand the focus of the article (which was part of a series of other articles documenting the journey).

Osiris Rising not only outlines the prophecy of 2012, but Osiris’s position in Egyptian lore, and what it meant when they said that Osiris would rise in 2012.

Do you think he did?

**Jane is a student in Bellingham, Washington of Academics and a self-study pupil of magickal arts. She has spent time over a span of 15 years practicing meditation and attuning to the Universe, though her Will leads her along the path of the Written Word. You can read her other blog, Scribing English or her other articles on her Hubpages account, ThompsonPen 


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