Divination for Diet

I wanted to share this blog post I found on the Llewellyn website about doing a tarot reading in regards to diet. Personally, I am huge on nutrition, especially as for a while it was a career path that I wanted to pursue. As a magickal practitioner, a healthy body contributes just as much to the outcome of the meditation, the personal empowerment, rituals, rites and spells performed.

Allow me to stand on my podium, for just a moment!

The….simplicity (I use this for lack of a better term at the moment, though I assure you, it’s far from simple) of an unhealthy colon brought on by eating foods that collect due to not being able to be processed (such as bleached flour/rice products, read meats, etc) can cause toxicity within the body, which can cause seemingly unrelated problems such as asthma, body chronic bad breath and body odor, insomnia, back pain – to name a few – as well as anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and depression will definitely have influence over the energy your’e putting out, as well as how you perceive the world. Thus, it holds agency over your magickal and spiritual workings.

That being said! I found a blog post about divination about your food called The Excellent Eating Habits Spread:

“Summation of Spread The consumption and preparation of food is a connection to the life force itself—an opportunity to indulge in pleasure and health simultaneously. If you plan to change eating habits, emphasize the positive rather than dwell on the negative. This spread focuses on cultivating excellent eating habits.”

This nine card spread sheds light on your relationship with food and will help you to confront how it effects your emotional state and what you can do to overcome it.

**Jane is a student in Bellingham, Washington of Academics and a self-study pupil of magickal arts. She has spent time over a span of 15 years practicing meditation and attuning to the Universe, though her Will leads her along the path of the Written Word. You can read her other blog, Scribing English or her other articles on her Hubpages account, ThompsonPen 


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