Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury is the planet in our solar system closest to the sun. It has a very short “year” as a result. It takes just under 88 days (our days) to complete it’s trip around the sun. This means that it laps us, quite a bit. When it does so, from our perspective, it appears to be staying still, or sometimes moving backwards. This time is what is referred to when it is in retrograde

Astrologically, Mercury is the planet which is mostly known for being the planet of communication, though is also of intelligence and intuition. Joanne Martine Woolfolk, in her book, The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, describes the planet as such:

“It has been said that Mercury makes life understandable, for it is the planet of intelligence…From the very beginning of man’s observation of this elusive planet,Mercury has been associated with speed and agility. In ancient mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods. He was young, beautiful and swift as the wind, for his feet had wings. HIs province was communication, commerce, everything requiring skill and dexterity. Not only was he clever in speech, he also invented music, mathematics and astronomy.”  (p. 194)

Courtesy of Christine Klicka (STScI), inspired by William Blake’s painting The Ancient of Days.

When it is prominent in your chart, you are likely to do well in communicating. If it is your Career House, then you’re likely to have a job involving such skill.

However, regardless of your chart, it is noticeable when this tiny planet goes into retrograde – a few times a year. During these times one might experience troubles forming words, brain fog, mental lethargy, writers block, or even bad sales.

The symbolism behind retrograde itself cause into observation of the past and inner reflection. Time of standing still or seeming to move backwards encourages us to meditate on the areas we need to face. Because Mercury is the planet of communication in an external manner, it might cause one to feel more introverted during this time, which lends hand to inner exploration and reflecting. Because of it’s general fast paced nature, Mercury in retrograde reminds us to slow down, take everything in, and ponder.

For 2015, you can expect this celestial occurrence:

  • January 21 – February 11, 2015
  • May 19 – June 11, 2015
  • September 17 – October, 2015
  • January 5 – January 25, 2016
  • April 28 – May 22, 2016
  • August 30 – September 31, 2016
  • December 19, 2016 – January 8, 2017


Citrine is  the stone of the sun and the sun and the solar plexus. It exuberant pure and positive energy, and can be an extremely beneficial piece of mineral to have around.


  • Planetary:
  • Astrologically:
  • Elementally:
  • Chakra:
    Solar Plexus
    Crown Chakra
    also does well with any other chakra
  • Herbs
    Lily of the Valley
  • Numerology
  • Sepheroth
  • Day of the Week:
  • Tarot Cards
    I The Magician
    V The Hierophant
    VIII Strength
  • Deities:
  • Angel:

Classically, should you stumble upon it during a walk on the beach (especially if the beach you find yourself on is in Wales, you’re more than likely to do so), the piece you find will be mostly white and cloudy with an orange end. Should you find it in the shop, polished or not, you will find it to be mostly white, with orange on the end. This is the classic characteristic of citrine, the mostly white with some orange combo. Because of this, it’s quite easy to pick out and not get confused between it and another crystal such as amber (most of the time).

This crystal is a regeneratore. Having it near you will restore your energy and optimism. It will also do the same for any other crystals or metaphysical tools you might have. It is a wonderful piece to have on your alter specifically for that reason. It cleanses beautifully, and doesn’t need cleansing in return. It is a constant source of energy direct from the sun and earth and ready for any task. “It absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy and is therefore extremely protective for the environment,” says TheCrystal Bible. It is no wonder it is so abundant in places like Russia, France, Britain and the U.S. (as well as other places) – perhaps it has been what has kept us from fully destroying ourselves.

This stone is so proficient as a cleanser that it will even alert the wearer of any low energy, over extension of energy, negative energy or draining of energy before it is too late, so that the wearer can take appropriate action. Because of this, it is excellent for protection.

A tried and true action to be taken with citrine is to put some in the wealth corner of your house (or your bedroom if you have shared space). In Feng Shui, the wealth corner is the back left corner of the house from your front door (or of your bedroom from your bedroom door, again if you’re sharing space). I personally have kept this as practice for at least 8 years and have never had overwhelming money problems (a couple of tight moments, but it always came through in the end). This is a stone of abundance, which allows one to manifest and attract wealth on all levels when needed, as well as success and over-all good things.

Citrineaids in the betterment of the self on psychological levels as well as emotional levels. It helps raise self esteem and confidence, and will negate self destructive tendencies, as well as aid in motivation, creativity and helps with communication of ideas, thoughts and feelings. For those who are quite sensitive (like myself), it will help with the thicker skin, helping one to cope with or be able to take criticisms and/or harsh realities/truths. This stone-of-the-sun will help clear out the darkness and uplift one from the depths of depression, stabilize fears and phobias, and can help in calming anger and replacing it with reason and understanding.

A wealth more of information can be found:

**Jane is a student in Bellingham, Washington of Academics and a self-study pupil of magickal arts. She has spent time over a span of 15 years practicing meditation and attuning to the Universe, though her Will leads her along the path of the Written Word. You can read her other blog, Scribing English or her other articles on her Hubpages account, ThompsonPen 


It is said that the chalice that was the Holy Grail was carved from Emerald, and it was the stone of preference of Cleopatra. These could both be due to the nature of the stone, that it corresponds to the heart chakra, representing universal and unconditional love. It is considered a stone of royalty. Verses from the Koran used to be inscribed on pieces of emerald and worn as an amulet.


  • Planetary:
  • Astrologically:
  • Elementally:
  • Chakra:
    Heart Chakra
  • Herbs
  • Numerology
  • Sepheroth
  • Paths
    14 Daleth
    22 Lamed
  • Tarot Card
    High Priestess
  • Deities:

Emerald is a type of Beryl, and thus yields some of the same properties (scrying, activation of crown and solar plexus, shedding stressful baggage, enhancement of courage and calm, promote focus and positive views, discourages anxiety and “Reawakens love in those who are married by jade” (Crystal Bible, p.80)), in addition to it’s own. It should be noted here that there are some place that market “red emerald” which is not emerald but red Beryl.
The optimal places for it to be worn are on the little or ring finger, over the heart (as it corresponds to the heart chakra, or worn on the right arm. The Crytal Bible warns against wearing it too consistently as it can cause emotional negativity.

Emerald is given as a representation of a healthy and happy romance, and thus is an agent of love. It can be used in magickal love workings – including reviving passion, and aiding in communication in matters of the heart. Melody in her book, Love is in the Earth calls it “a stone of successful love…It is said to provide for domstic bliss and to insist both sensitivity and loyalty within the self and within others.” This stone will also bring joy and peace to the home.

In the workplace, or study, emerald can be kept to help with memory and focus and other positive mental abilities. It also keep the moral compass anchored, allowing reason and the sense of “what is right” to combine and make beneficial and karmically “right” decisions. It allows one very focused intent, and goes further than the world of the mundane, opening up psychic abilities and stimulates gathering wisdom from the astral and mental plane.


Wealth of Information Can be found:
The Crystal Bible – by Judy Hall
Love is in the Earth – By Melody
Crystal Vaults

**Jane is a student in Bellingham, Washington of Academics and a self-study pupil of magickal arts. She has spent time over a span of 15 years practicing meditation and attuning to the Universe, though her Will leads her along the path of the Written Word. You can read her other blog, Scribing English or her other articles on her Hubpages account, ThompsonPen